When it comes to youth achieving their hopes and dreams, it doesn’t happen on accident, it happens on purpose! Teens these days have to be very intentional about reaching their goals. One of the most common ways teens get off track is being introduced to drugs and alcohol.
The High On Purpose Experience is a showcase that utilizes positive social norms to promote youth sobriety. The showcase hosts a variety of expressions including spoken word, dance, visual arts, music, drama and presentations from local and regional prevention clubs.
Flourishing in your unique gifts and talents brings about a sense of fulfillment. When young people begin to operate in their purpose, a natural high is achieved. This showcase of talent will leave youth informed, entertained and, most of all, encouraged. – proving once again that you don’t need drugs & alcohol to have a great time!
Showcases like this are a safety net to help prevent the destruction of our community. The awareness offered in these showcases empower the young people to think, act and live soberly. The atmosphere of this event will be charged with solution driven discussion, performances and prevention presentations. If you live in an area that is full of potential but desperately in need of positive change, contact us for more information on how to bring The H.O.P.E Showcase to your school.