Walk Away Day Registration

Registration is easy! Simply fill out the form below and check the box of what you’ve chosen to walk away from. After you’ve done this, you will receive an email from us confirming that your registration was received.
Here’s what you do to get your raffle ticket:
– Go to one of the check in stations, show the staff your I.D. and they will look up your registered name online.
– Or your Support Sponsor can go to the check-in station, show I.D. and they will look up your registered name online.
(If no one has I.D.)
You will need to print off your confirmation email and present it to the staff at Walk Away Day check-in station. Staff will then give you a raffle ticket.

Mega Prize Giveaway!

We believe that positive choices should be recognized and rewarded. Because of this, once you submit a completed registration, you will receive a raffle ticket. This ticket will give you one chance to win an incredible prize! The prizes in the drawing will be sponsored by companies like Nike, Microsoft, and other top name-brand franchises.

How to win EXTRA tickets

We at Walk Away City Collaborative want to encourage the support of our young people, this is why registering with a support partner can earn you 3 tickets instead of 1 !! A support partner is a caring adult who is committing to “Walking With the youth” as the youth “Walks Away”. This is a yearlong partnership. If the youth starts to get weak in their commitment, the support partner is there for strength. If the youth is starting to revert back to old behaviors the support partner is that voice of accountability. This role can be filled by a coach, teacher, mentor, guardian, parent and caring adults with in the community. 1 Support Partner can walk with up to 4 young people.