Why Walk Away Day?

The purpose of Walk Away Day is to empower, encourage and equip young people to be able to walk away from making various negative decisions. We believe that through inspiration, support and a positive activity to replace the negative, these young people can drastically change the course of their lives!

What is Walk Away Day?

Walk away day is a three part event that starts with a rally, proceeds with a walk and concludes as a festival. At Walk Away Day, youth from all over the city are coming together to make a decision to let go of something negative in their life. At Walk Away Day, we embrace a concept called “Reward Based Recognition.” We believe that positive choices should be recognized. Because of this, once a completed registration is submitted, the youth receives a raffle ticket. This ticket gives the youth a chance to win some incredible prizes!
Here’s how it works. On the registration form, youth will select the negative behavior that he or she is committing to walk away from. For Example: “I, John Doe, commit to walking away from bullying this year.” Once filled out, that registration form is worth a single raffle ticket. The ticket will then be placed in a drawing that is sponsored by companies like Nike, Microsoft, Universal Studios and other brand franchises that want to invest in our young people’s future. The youth are motivated to continue to do well and the companies get the chance to give back to the community. At Walk Away Day, everyone wins!

Alternative Activities

The Problem: When a young person decides to walk away from doing wrong things, there needs to be an alternate activity that takes the place of that time. If there is nothing constructive to fill that void then eventually the idle time will lead to more distractions.
The Solution: At the Walk Away Day festival, the space is transformed into a village full of opportunities that give the youth creative alternatives. Youth will literally be surrounded by booths and tables of local and national organizations that have one agenda in mind… to collectively share resources. Since it takes a village to raise a child, youth centered programs gather together to serve and meet the needs of our young generation. These alternative activities are designed to stir up vision and re-align them with the passion of their purpose.